Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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This is a list and short descriptions of various posting you can write at any time:
  • Best 10 Lists: favourite books, favourite authors, sexiest bachelors, funniest moments in television, movies, most touching moments in movies, Worst 10 Lists: the worst untruths politicians have told, the worst movies, songs, lyrics, etc.
  • Guess Whose Coming to Dinner: make up the guest list of your choice for your dream dinner party - with people from both past or present.
  • Amelie Game: your current three likes and dislikes.
  • A day in the life of the president: if you could accomplish one task in this role, what would it be? World peace is excluded… that’s for beauty contest competitors :-).
  • If I could knock on any door: if you could sit in and observe anyone in the world doing their job, which door would you knock on (e.g. the executive office of Green Peace International, the executive director’s office of Harpo Productions (Oprah’s company), captain of a barge on the European cannels, San Diego Zoo veterinarian).
  • You might find this hard to believe: write up three short stories about strange and wonderful things that have happened to you. But here's the catch - only two of them are true. Our readers have to guess which one is false.


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